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10 reasons why you should invest in a website

In today’s economy, owners of all sizes of businesses are looking for options to cut corners in their budgets and save money. However, cutting corners or cost on website design is a grave mistake.

Here are 10 signs you need to invest in a website that accomplishes your marketing goals:

#1 – Your competition has a website

This is number one because your competition is online and you’re not. If you’re not online, then you’re losing sales to your competition because they’re more accessible to the consumer. On the other hand, if your competition doesn’t have a website, then having one makes you more accessible to the consumer, giving you a chance to win out over your competition. If you don’t have a quality website, you’re missing out on great opportunities to grow your business.

#2 – People will search for you online

In today’s market, people will at some point search for your business online. These are customers who want to find you, and if you’re not online, how will they? By not having a website, you’re basically telling the consumer you’re not interested in being accessible to them. Would you run a business without a phone? No, you wouldn’t! So why risk running it without a quality website?

#3 – Your business is opened  24/7

Your physical business location may only be open for a specific set of hours and days. With a website, you’re available to customers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Having a website allows consumers to be able to contact you outside of typical business hours. If you sell physical products, it provides them with a way to buy from you when they can’t come in or would rather have the convenience of shopping from home.

#4 – Websites are great for advertising 

When your advertising budget needs to be cut, don’t take funds away from your website. A quality website provides you with multiple avenues to reach your audience. You not only get to advertise your products or services; it also allows you to advertise who you are and why they should buy from you. A website is like a brochure that is free to reproduce, interact with, and reach audiences who are actively searching for what your selling. There is not another advertising medium that can compare to the effectiveness or ease-of-use to the consumer.

#5 – Building your brand’s image

Whether you’re a new business, a small business, or a larger business, your goal is to make the consumer aware of your brand. By investing in a well designed website, you’re able to instill confidence in the consumer and appear larger than you are. People expect you to have a website, and if you don’t have one or it is not high quality, then you are damaging your brand’s reputation.

#6 – Growing your sales

Whether you’re selling physical products or promoting your services, if you don’t have a website, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of business. Invest in a website and show off your products or services in a more appealing way to the consumer, get started.

#7 – Gaining insight from your customers

Investing in website technology by using forms, surveys and questionnaires, you’re turning your website into a great marketing tool. In return, you’re gaining valuable information from your clients or consumers on their desires, wishes, or general view of your products and services.

#8 – Reaching new target markets

With the valuable information you can gain from having a website, you can reach specific target markets that you were unable to reach before and grow your business. By investing in a website, you’re no longer a small business! You will now have great potential to be seen by millions of internet users around the world.

#9 – Creating opportunities for passive income

Investing in a website is like hiring a hard-working sales person for your business. You can have a online store that allows customers to review products, shop, place orders, and pay their bills. By doing this, you have cut out the back and forth process of sales and made it easier on yourself and the consumer. Your website can act like a catalog for your company, and by leveraging the latest technologies, can instill more confidence in your product to the consumer.

#10 – Improve communications with the consumer

Improving communications and making it easier for the consumer to communicate with you is what everyone wants, whether it is answering specific questions through forms, blogging about pertinent information related to your business or products, or helping consumers through online support portals.

Investing in a quality website can increase your business, while cutting costs and going for the cheaper option can hurt you more than it can help you. Always remember, you’re in control of what your business does, but the consumer is in control of whether they’re going to do business with you!


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